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Concrete slabs and floors are used for their unequalled durability, both indoors and out. The versatile nature of concrete allows for almost unlimited design options. Enhance ICD brings a twist to what we call "working floors." Is your floor working for you - or is it the other way around?

"Durability" of your "working floor" impacts productivity, operating costs and much more.. A concrete floor must be properly designed to the intended use, such that strength, toughness and appearance blend together for ultimate functionality. Proper floor design and construction determine when and how your facility will have to be maintained.

Are your floors working for you? Let us show you what is possible. Don't hold back because you think your budget cannot get you the performance you need. We work with your design professional and builder to give you that floor - as you will see, we keep the options simple, costs predictable and you get the floor you need, your way. Enhance floors perform!


  • Superior Concrete Floors
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Low Permeability
  • Up to 50% Less Joints

Good Practice, Good Materials, Good Design

Did you know?

ACI Committee 302 suggests,

"every owner should be advised by both the designer and contractor that it is normal to expect some amount of cracking and curling on every project"

Good Designs do not become durable installations without Good Materials and Good Practices. We bring all three together for a system with no holes and no excuses. Careful selection of materials, quality manufacture and installation by experienced crews. Enhance ICD understands that one size does not fit all. Owners need design flexibility for their purpose built facilities and that flexibility must include budget.

What makes Enhance ICD different are no-compromise designs, proprietary mixes, selection of materials and proven ACI practices. Unique to Enhance is certified Cement Hydration Enhancement (CHE) technology accompanied by over 40 years of structural expertise. Advanced reinforcement methods and surface finish options compliment superior concrete mixes. Enhance concrete mix designs promote sustainability with minimum 15% cement replacement to reduce CO2 content. Whether you require the chemical containment capability of ChemDek™ or a cost effective EcoDek™ warehouse floor, our designs deliver durable, budget friendly solutions. Enhance CHE cement hydration technology is a game changing innovation. Paste to aggregate and reinforcement bonds improve dramatically, as does chemical stability and reduced permeability. A lifecycle process has begun that spells durability.

Premium Floor Systems

• ChemDek™ - Resilient chemical storage and containment

• PozziDek™ - Densified and Durable for moderate duty

• EcoDek™ - Superior abrasion resistance warehouse use

• Re-Floor™ – Refurbish old floors

• All Enhance ICD Floor Systems provide durable, chemically stable, shrinkage controlled and dusting-free commercial/industrial facilities

Floor Reinforcement

Enhance uses a unique steel fiber for increased slab ductility that improves reinforcement performance in ways rebar cannot. Some installations will benefit from hybrid designs of rebar and fibers (steel and poly) combined.

• Steel (rebar) - A structural component where required

• Steel Fiber - A highly efficient rebar replacement with many uses

• Polypropylene Fiber - Plastic shrinkage compliment to CHE

• All Enhance Floor Systems provide durable, chemically stable, shrinkage controlled and dusting-free commercial/industrial facilities


Enhance™ Floor Systems are cost effective and competitive. A complete system in some cases costs no more than a conventional reinforced floor. If you have hesitated to inquire about premium performance floors in the past, do not wait any longer - call (888) 720-2011.

Design Efficiencies

  • Reinforcement
  • Inspections
  • Project Scheduling
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Waiver

Design Options

  • Expanded joint spacing and Seamless floors
  • Corrosion resistance with out epoxy coated rebar
  • Integral and Integrated ICD Densification
  • Variable Surface Finishes and Functionality


Enhance™ Floor Systems include a 1-3 year Warranty. An inspection and service program is included.

Maintenance Service

Clients may request additional maintenance service contracts for all work performed by Enhance™ Floor Systems authorized technicians in North America.

Warranty Waiver Option

If desired, an owner may choose any Enhance Floor System, but save more by waiving the warranty. Warranty Waivers are not confirmed until project completion and are at the discretion of the Client.


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