What is a Mix Design?

consulting-3Concrete mixes generally always include cement, aggregates [concrete sand (“fines”) and aggregate (“course” gravel/rock)] and water.  In addition to these three primary components may be supplementary cementing materials (fly-ash and other pozzolans) and powder or chemical admixtures (air entrainment, water-reducer and cement hydration enhancers), of which there are many types for various purposes.  An qualified materials engineer will proportion the mix taking into account the characteristics of all materials, the intended strength and purpose of the mix, as well as certain performance (eg. pumpability) criteria.

What is Good Practice?

ACI provides guidelines for hot and cold weather concreting, as well as many other situations that may be experienced in the field.  Good practice necessarily includes, but is not limited to, the methods by which concrete is placed, the placement of reinforcement steel and forming types.  Good Concrete and Good Results are not an accident.

Enhance Consulting

In addition to providing Cement Hydration Enhancers, Enhance can provide Mix Designs, High Performance Floor Systems, Project Management and Quality Assurance for your project.


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