Many challenges require a "systems approach" in order to be best met with success. Enhance ICD offers more than just products and services as seperate solutions. We also provide systems that include one or more combined products along with engineering, consultation, and design services that ensure proper implementation and success. In ths way, Enhance ICD solutions are more than the sum of their parts. 

Enhance ICD provides products and product systems that leverage the latest technologies with existing tried-and-true industry practice. Our chemical products are broken into (2) different categories: integral and topical. Integral products are added to mix-water and become an integral part of cement based concrete, mortar, plaster, etc. Topical products are applied to existing cement based structures after the cement is set or cured. Both integral and topical products serve a specific purpose under a specific set of circumstances. Our systems reflect product combinations engineered to work together to solve specific problems.

To ensure that detailed instructions are followed and correct design measures are implemented, Enhance ICD offers a variety of services that compliment the use of our products. The goal of these services is to guarantee that materials enhanced with our solutions will maintain a high level of performance and quality - on each project we serve.


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