EPC topical penetrants provide a non-filming, non-membrane approach to shrinkage control through high performance curing. Moisture gets locked in and concrete is able to slow cure under more favorable conditions. Good concreting practice still applies and wet curing may still be employed for maximum benefit.

PMT integral admixtures assist hydration and act as an excellent water manager in plastic concrete or mortar (render, plaster, stucco) mixes. In effect, PMT acts in a self-curing capacity for the whole mix. PMT helps hold moisture within the mix for longer periods in effect creating a moist-cure environment integral to the treated mix.

It remains beneficial to use a topical EPC material on some PMT mixes to provide the quick surface sealing action desired to provide optimum curing conditions and moisture retention. Shrinkage is primarily a function of rapid volume loss (evaporating water). Try our products – you will immediately see a difference and will not want to go back to the old ways.


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