• M Macdonald, President, CEO
  • J Macdonald, VP Business Development
  • D Day, Consultant, Ph.D.
  • D Avery, Media Manager
  • R Crawford, Mobile Media Marketing
  • C Macdonald, Office Manager
  • B Coello, Human Resources Manager
  • M Kirkland, Government Liason
  • M Mordecki, Manufacturer Agent
  • C Holland, Manufacturer Agent
  • R Anderson, Manufacturer Agent
  • P Brochu, Manufacturer Agent


Enhance ICD (Canada) Inc. is a Canadian controlled corporation established in 1995. The company focus is on concrete performance by way of cement hydration, arguably the single most important component of concrete durability. This is achieved by way of ICD technology and a series of products that bring the best out of the cement. The ICD technology is not new in science, chemistry or implementation - it is unique however, in that Enhance ICD is the only successfully developed and proven technology of its' kind with both integral and topical success.  ICD has over 15 years of proven field application with significant laboratory verification and over 1,000 projects demonstrating its' merit. If you would examine our testimonials, project successes and technological accomplishment, we are certain you will agree - ICD comprises a unique collection of economic, commercial grade construction materials. We owe our success to the dedication of the construction professionals who assist us in gaining market recognition. We would like you to become one of them. As a potential client, let us show you what we can do to improve the durability of your project.

Product Supply:

Enhance ICD has a core group of products that are available within 10 days to your location anywhere in North America. All products are environmentally friendly, water-based materials made to high quality assurance standards. Clients may order in the container size and format of their choice. Bulk Deliveries are made by dedicated Tankers.


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