EPC - 150 penetrates concrete, sealing and protecting against moisture infiltration.

Enhance EPC-150 is a fast acting water friendly and eco-safe penetrating solution designed to prevent moisture penetration. EPC-150 can serve as a preventive measure in new slabs or penetrate existing slabs where problem moisture transmission is present. The treated and cured slab will produce a desiccated, bond ready surface, for application of toppings or floor coverings.


  • where water table presents problems
  • to prevent moisture transmission
  • for integral concrete stability
  • to extend slab and flooring service life

Coverage: EPC-150 (Square feet per gallon)

Low Porosity High Porosity
200-350 sq ft/gal 50-250 sq ft/gal



EPC-150H most often is applied to existing slab-on-grade situations and cleaning is essential. Shot blast preparation of surface is followed by a water saturation process and EPC application to specified yield. Detailed application instructions may be obtained from an Enhance representative.


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