EPC - 300 penetrates existing and new concrete structures creating an integral waterproof barrier.

Enhance EPC-300 penetrates new or existing concrete and masonry structures deeply and quickly. Designed as a commercial liquid waterproofing material EPC-300 penetrates and blocks off porosity to assist in preventing internal damage and corrosion. Dependent on porosity and condition of structure EPC-300 cures within 24 to 72 hours. Application is permanent and insoluble.


  • waterproofing reservoirs and secondary containment
  • densifying storm drains, manholes and viaducts
  • sealing chemical storage tanks
  • general waterproofing

P-300 (Primer) 

Use P-300 in combination with EPC-300 where aggressive results are required such as deteriorated structures or new block walls.

Coverage: EPC-300 and P-300 Primer (Square feet per gallon)

Low Porosity High Porosity P-300 Primer
200-400 sq ft/gal 50-200 sq ft/gal 400-1200 sq ft/gal



Surface must be clean and free of coatings and contaminants. Saturate or pressure wash surface and remove excess water from all horizontal surfaces. Apply EPC with low pressure sprayer following yield instructions and specifications for product use.


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