With over 60 years of team experience in the concrete industry, Enhance ICD (Canada) Inc. has a proven track record of solving common cement-based and concrete problems with innovative technologies.

Old Logo Chemical MapFor almost 20 years now the Enhance has been synonymous with portland cement hydration enhancement.  Portland cement is an amazing material that is the building block of so many forms of construction and products used today.  As never before there is pressure upon the production and use of cement to limit impact to the environment.  Energy used to produce cement, water used to produce concrete, the lifecycle of concrete structures, even the water used to make concrete are all components of our industry we take seriously for the sake of sustainability.  Hydration of cement can be an abstract concept to many, but Enhance will show you new ways to participate in the making of and enjoyment of better concrete or cement based materials, and how a little knowledge of hydration can make a big difference.  

ICD treatments are proven to improve concrete performance and durability. We call this approach Intelligent Concrete Design (ICD). Chemically stable concrete improves performance of coatings, toppings & other adhered finishes. ICD technology solves problems & opens doors for: 

 Common problems solved:

  • High porosity
  • Shrinkage
  • Cracking
  • Water transmission, moisture control & hydrostatic pressure
  • Sulfate and other surface protection
  • Efflourescence
  • Graffiti
  • Failed repairs due to poor bonding, etc.
  • Compound problems

More than just problem solving - we are advancing the performance of cement based products by addressing the fundamental process of cement hydration. We call this technology Intercellular Cement Densification (ICD). ICD can occur during normal concrete hydration or even after concrete has cured using a process called re-hydration. Re-hydration empowers concrete enhanced with ICD products to literally fight moisture with water.  Cement densification provides many other benefits as well.

“We have never seen this duplicated in any other concrete ... a remarkable advance in the state of the science of concrete technology” -- Mineralogy Inc.

Our ICD products...

  • are water-based and eco-friendly
  • provide both topical and integral applications
  • perform rapid hydrophilic perfusion


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