The Key:  Microstructure

The key to the performance of Enhance ICD technologies are their effect on the microstructure of the cementitious matrix.  The improvements seen on a microscopic level in the degree of development, uniformity, and distribution of the hydrate product in the form of C-S-H of PMT and EPC treated specimens is undeniable and permanent.  ICD microstructure development is afforded by the densification of the cement paste (Inter-cellular Cement Densification) itself such that it beneficially provides for a vast reduction in permeability, shrinkage and related cracking, and construction process inefficiencies.

The Benefits:

Impermeable structures are the highest quality and most durable structures on earth today.  Impermeability is the key to concrete longevity and performance in the field.  Sadly, a significant quantity of today’s concrete cannot claim this status.

ICD changes the equation via microstructure improvements that create virtually impermeable cementitious structures that greatly reduce all moisture related and chemical attack issues.

Relative humidity levels are rapidly and drastically reduced via the chemical binding of water within the matrix thus facilitating the development of self-curing concrete.

Shrinkage and related cracking are a result of the inefficient management and utilization of mix-water.  ICD changes the equation by assisting the cement and water to interact more favourably thus converting virtually all the cement and water into C-S-H.  With little or no water (mix volume), lost to bleed (free water), ICD effectively contributes to the management of shrinkage and related cracking.

Architectural features benefit from the improved aesthetics afforded by ICD via the significant reduction of cracking and efflorescence.  ICD’s hydration boosting properties assist in the minimization of calcium hydroxide by efficiently completing the hydration cycle.  By producing prolific quantities of C-S-H the result is a substantial reduction in calcium hydroxide which enhances the development of an impermeable microstructure that prevents efflorescence leaching.


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