Large Slabs: Curling and Cracking vs. High Performance


Control of shrinkage and cracking is determined in large part by site preparation, reinforcement, control cuts or joints, W/C ratio and curing methods. Beside these the contractor must be aware of temperature, wind, site added water and a myriad of other complexities of placing slabs large or small.

Controlled Hydration for a Better Slab 

PMT admixture technology assists concrete slabs to retain moisture, hydrate more efficiently, remain workable and prevent bleeding. This all contributes to better control of moisture volume loss which in turn reduces shrinkage, plastic cracking, long term cracking and curling (a side effect of rapid shrinking as a result of drying at slab edges, cuts and joints). Concerned about using an admix you are not familiar with? The same slab performance can be achieved using EPC and NSC penetrating curing agents. In fact, for best results, even PMT treated slabs should be dusted with EPC or NSC, especially over cuts and joints.


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