What better way to learn than by example? Enhance ICD has a long history of successful case studies and projects. See how we have been able to solve even the most challenging problems with our products and services.

Enhance ICD is devoted to educating others regarding its technologies, techniques, products, and solutions. Cement technology is actually quite technical, and ignorance of the core principles of how the science works will detrimentally impact quality. How can that be solved? By educating the industry. 

Common problems like cracking, shrinkage, efflouresence, spalling, etc. have been accepted as "just the way it is" for decades. What if these issues could be successfully managed, minimized, or even eliminated altogether? Enhance ICD is passionate about solving problems with cement based materials. Our solutions are economical, reliable, easy to use, and field proven.


MANUFACTURE cement hydration enhancers for products incorporating Portland cement as a primary binder. Our range of products cover both surface applied and integral treatments. Our system approach and technology can be utilized in new construction, restoration and structure maintenance.

DISTRIBUTE construction accessory materials for concrete, masonry, stucco, plaster, shotcrete, roofing and coatings applications.

CONSULTING services are supplied to clients requiring a system approach to concrete and masonry related problems in the building envelope. Competent Authorized Installers are available in many areas and when required Enhance ICD project managers or QC services may be employed or required where engineered or warranty installations are specified.

TRAINING is provided for distributors, contractors and institutions where use and evaluation of building maintenance materials for moisture control is desired. Graffiti control and moist slab rehabilitation are resolved through a system approach.

MOISTURE VAPOR CONTROL affects flooring materials performance and the work environment (air quality). Enhance ICD systems are designed to control moisture transmission. Enhance ICD systems go one step further - dusting and organics control. Enhance ICD penetrants control transmission of moisture through concrete and masonry components. But why wait for a problem to occur? Enhance ICD can be employed during construction. 

ARCHITECTURAL MOISTURE CONTROL is performed through use of specialized elastomeric coatings for stucco and roofing applications. Stone and other natural surfaces are protected from moisture with effective yet invisible, non-membrane forming, penetrating, sacrificial architectural materials.


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