EPC - 120 penetrates and densifies existing and new concrete structures protecting against the elements.

Enhance EPC products are fast acting water friendly and eco-safe penetrating solutions designed to preserve, protect, and restore concrete or masonry structures. All EPC materials are formulated to penetrate as deep as required, and function is customized by surfactants and catalysts. Identified as a commercial penetrating densifier EPC-120 serves a moderate range of general sealing applications. Modified formulations are available as cost effective high performance Cure-N-Seal materials. All EPC's create a bond ready, desiccated surface for toppings and floor coverings. Ideal for architectural or aging structures, EPC's cure clear with no visible membrane.


  • where breathable sealer required
  • to retard moss and algae growth
  • for freeze-thaw damage protection
  • to reduce maintenance costs
  • horizontal and vertical applications
  • interior and exterior surfaces

Coverage: EPC-120 (Square feet per gallon)

Cure-N-Seal Dust proof Anti-Graffiti
250-400 sq ft/gal 150-400 sq ft/gal 100-350 sq ft/gal



All Enhance EPC products are penetrating water friendly materials. Before application surface must be clean, and free of coatings or contaminants. Saturate natural surface with water removing excess (puddles) before application. Apply EPC in one even coat with low pressure sprayer. Allow time for penetration. Do not allow surface to dry between coats.


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