Letters of Reference


Town of Didsbury - Wes Yeoman, C.E.T.

“We had moisture penetration from the inside of our water tower to the exterior surface. We needed to stop the moisture penetration so that the exterior surface of the water tower could be painted. … Vapor transmission through the hardened (gunite) structure, paint would not permanently bond.

… Enhance Technology when applied onto a moist surface or even against a head of water penetrates deep into the pore structure and re-hydrates the wall from the interior. … The chemical reaction … creates a virtually impermeable yet breathable formation.

Many active cracks were observed to dry up during the application process. … We have never seen our tower surface so dry as after the application of the Enhance was completed. The tower had always been moist. The dry treated surface created a superior bonding environment for painting the water tower sky blue and then painting a 50 foot high golfer. … 

We are very impressed.”


Concrete Correctors Inc. - Larry Hnatiuk

“We have been using Enhance Products for approximately four years and have been very pleased with the results. We have used the densifiers to protect parkade decks and ramps. The products are easy to apply and don’t pose a threat to the surrounding environment. Our technicians are happy to be using a safer material.

… To date we are not aware of any bond failures. … We recently completed a job where a 14,000 square foot topping was added to a parking deck. We used Enhance as a bonding agent and the PMT admixture with the mix. The scope of work did not call for expansion joints. Even though it was a warm and windy pour day we experienced no shrinkage cracks. All involved in the project were thoroughly impressed.

The Enhance product line has really complimented our repair procedures and we are convinced of its benefits.” 

January 29, 1998 – ICE ARENA

Oxford Construction Corporation - Jon Greenan

“… December 9, 1997 Ice Skating Rink concrete pour … construction site is on 40 plus mile outside of Las Vegas, Nevada … I thought this would be the real test for your product.

The challenge of this pour: (1) the batch plant is one and a half hours from the job site, (2) within the 7 inch thick matrix, in addition to double re-bar, plastic refrigerant pipes very close together run across the rink, (3) no vibrators allowed, … (4) concrete finishers did not want to be finishing under night lights, (5) no control joints or saw cuts would be allowed in slab, (6) no cracks could be tolerated.

The challenge was met. You made arrangements … to add your product (PMT) at the batch plant. We poured at 4 inch slump, but it acted like 5 inch, very creamy, flowing very well in around and under the rebar and refrigerant piping. … The complete pour went off without a hitch, sending the finishers off the mountain at 2:30 in the afternoon.

At this time the rink is 50 days old, and not one crack, not even a hairline crack! … Concrete performed well with only the PMT-1, and has tested at 3060 PSI at day 14, and 3670 PSI at day 28. … Bravo Enhance a job well done!”


Hurst Construction - Russell Hurst

“I have finished an eight hundred yard pour of concrete for a commercial driveway using "Enhance" products. I could not be more satisfied with the results. If it were not for some of the outstanding properties of the products, I would have been in real trouble.

We started pouring at 5:30 am … by 5:30 we already had four trucks waiting and six on the road. … the last truck being emptied had been mixing for at least 1 1/2 hours since leaving the batch plant. Normally, I would reject and dispose of any concrete that had been mixing that long, but I decide to see if the "Enhance PMT-1", would make it … I was amazed with the results. The plasticity was excellent, it poured and finished as though it had just been mixed. I sealed it with "Enhance-1". I have experienced no cracking, or spalling, or any other problems that may have been expected. I am really sold on your "Enhance" Products. ”

July 17, 1998 - SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 23

Central Okanagan - John T. Preston, C.E.T.

“… four years of continuous experience … reduce freeze-thaw damage and extend service life … for new construction projects … treated the finished slabs a surface application of your cure and seal. … Also protected against moisture and graffiti with the "Repel" (ESC-007) surface system and it is performing very well.

Enhance products have now been used on over 250,000 square feet of slabs, suspended slabs, cast-in-place walks, interior and exterior walls, conventional and acrylic stucco, and masonry applications. We are pleased with the performance of Enhance products and will continue to use them in our infrastructure maintenance program as well as in new construction.”


Waterworks Division - James A. Buker, P.Eng.

“The City of Calgary Waterworks Division uses this sprayed on treatment on the inside concrete surfaces of all existing underground valve chambers. … Our experience is that this product seals the old surface and drastically reduces moisture sweating from the outside to the inside surface while at same time disinfecting the chamber by reducing mold and mildew.

Waterworks Division specifies this admixture to be used when manufacturing all new pre-cast valve chambers and poured-in-place concrete valve chambers. This product was specified as a waterproofing agent where previously we used external brush coatings. In-lieu of the admixture, the Waterworks Division would accept an internal and external application of EPC 150.”


Public Works & Government Services Canada - T.C. Arnett, Ph.D., MRAIC, MCSLA

“ … We have Enhance … densifiers for resolving leaks in various concrete details at Radium Hot Springs in Kootenay National Park and at the Upper Hot Springs in Banff National Park. The applications were successful and the product will be used for future similar concrete problems.”


Calgary Board of Education - Francisco Barajas

“ … Without Enhance Repel, aerosol, paint or other substances can penetrate into the pores of concrete, block or brick which can be permanently stained. 

When vandals apply graffiti to a wall that has been protected with Enhance Repel, the graffiti can be easily removed … Enhance Repel does not create a sheen and will not change the color of the wall.

Three months after Enhance Repel was applied … it was hit with graffiti. The graffiti came off very easily, and after cleaning the walls, the looked like they did before the graffiti had been applied. … The walls are now two years old … We have saved money by protecting the natural color of the walls, and because it takes less time to clean off the graffiti.”


Gunner Ltd. - Larry D. Miller

“ … some our installations using your products. The following are two examples: 

1. Buffalo Pound Lake - Water Filtration Chambers - City of Regina Drinking Water.

The reinforcement steel had started to corrode and delaminate the concrete cover in the filtration chambers. … We liked how easy it was to apply, using simple hand pumped sprayers. … No smell and required no special protective clothing. … It easily penetrated leaving no residue, following which we installed the gunite. … A pull test verified increase bonding strength of 230%. This in itself justified the use of your material in this installation.

2. Residential Basement.

… A wet concrete basement, we applied enhance EPC 300 and following the first application, the structure was 90% dry. … A second application which produced a completely dry result. This area was now painted and the dampness has not re-occurred. We were impressed as we know of no comparable product.

… We have decided to incorporate your Enhance PMT.1.OS on a gunite bridge repair. … Enhance PMT will develop a corrosion inhibiting matrix, also improved pump ability, accelerated set and control of re-bound. It is also of great interest to us that PMT is fully compatible with materials such as silica fume, fly-ash and all cement types.”


Nufarm - David Ray

“… a number of concrete slabs were in a serious state of deterioration in a high traffic chemical storage facility. … Enhance EPC 300W was applied to the slab surface for the purpose of increased chemical resistance and durability.

The slab has performed well since the installation of Enhance EPC 300W four years ago. The benefits of using Enhance EPC 300W have proven to be:

  1. Increased resistance to chemical penetration.
  2. Reduced freeze/ thaw deterioration
  3. Reduced shrinkage and cracking which is a serious concern with our business.

To date, there is no cracking and there is no visible surface deterioration of the concrete slabs. … We would not hesitate to use this material for other chemical resistance and durability applications.”


Mould Engineering - S. B. Mould, P.Eng.

“…the 600,000 gallon Quail Ridge Reservoir, … had been waterproofed prior to testing with Enhance. … The reservoir … had virtually no water loss over a 24 hour period."


Stuart Olson Construction - Tom Bourne, P. Eng.

“The results of Enhance treatment were impressive. … The concrete wall cracks … were treated with Enhance … The slurry surface coat and the cement repair patching were not removed. … Enhance technology performed very well and is an excellent internal repair concrete waterproofing treatment.”

December 9, 1994 - SOUR GAS PLANT

Crestar Energy - Randy Gawley

“… Enhance products on several containment pads we installed for environmental reasons. As you know, my main concern was the protection of the environment and prevention of costly clean-ups incurred through improper handling of spills and hazardous wastes. By treating these containment pads with Enhance products, we are able to recover virtually all of the wastes.

On inspection of these pads this fall, I find the cement to be in like new condition. … Thank-you … for a job well done.”


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