Ceramic Elastomeric Coatings

What do Enhance ceramic elastomeric coatings do?

ThermCote/EA and ThermCote/EF are elastomeric coatings with uniquely engineered combination of solar-reflective ceramic compounds suspended in a hybrid emulsion of aliphatic urethane, high-grade acrylics and resins in water base.

The EA coating is a variable life commercial exterior grade material. Uses include roofing applications and weatherproof of wall systems including stucco.

The EF coating is for interior use only as a radiant heat reflective material. Although there are many uses for the material, product efficacy is best seen through reduced energy use when the coating is used on ceilings over texture coat to retain HVAC heat.

Both coatings exhibit excellent adhesion to most substrates, high weather resistance, UV stability, elasticity and toughness. ThermCote/EA and EF provide significant solar reflective qualities (immune to dust and dirt build-up) with inherent flexibility and exceptional service life on exterior coatings applications. Each of EA and EF are self-priming on most porous surfaces but should be used in combination with Enhance EPC densifiers and bonder/ primers when applied to concrete or masonry structures.

Basic Use:

Thermal protection and waterproofing of residential or commercial structures and roofing. Coatings are easily applied by brush, roller or HVLP spray equipment.

Surface Preparation:

EPC penetrating densifiers improve bonding performance of applied coatings and extend life expectancy of the applied coating. EPC penetrants act as a bonding or prime coat by reducing surface absorption thereby increasing mechanical bond characteristics. This is especially important where coatings are applied to a concrete or masonry surface. EPC’s improve the performance more than just coating materials:

  •  PAINT
  •  EPOXY


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