School Board Eliminates Flooring Problems

Building: Glenrosa Junior High School
Owner: District #23 School Board, Central Okanagan
Contact: John Preston, CET, Capital Projects Co-ordinator

The Problem:

Moisture is the primary cause of flooring problems over concrete slabs. Alkalinity of concrete can react negatively with flooring adhesives. Moderate moisture transmission (in excess of 3 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. per 24 hours) over time will cause bond failure and contamination of flooring products, toppings or membranes. Persistent moisture can also cause air quality and health concerns. Rapid expansion of the school district caused construction administrators to seek ways of preventing moisture related flooring problems in new buildings such as Glenrosa J.H.S.


Delamination of flooring, maintenance and repair costs.


To resolve flooring performance concerns Enhance integral PMT and topical EPC treatments (penetrating liquids) were incorporated into construction specifications. EPC penetrants migrate deep into the concrete slabs, form a rapid beneficial reaction with cement hydrates, and assist the concrete to cure and harden evenly. This process of controlled hydration dramatically reduces bleedwater and its’ resultant capillaries by which moisture later gains access to the slab surface and interfaces with flooring and adhesives. While the new concrete is curing and aging homogenously a number of beneficial things occur. Shrinkage, curling and cracking are reduced, dusting is eliminated, and surface hardening is accelerated. The technology is simple, effective, water based, and does not present staining concerns as with conventional sealers. Glenrosa J.H.S. contains a large component of architectural exposed concrete surfaces for which this technology is a perfect application.

Why this Solution?

EPC treatments are not surface sealers or short term curing membranes. It is over 6 years since the first EPC treated District #23 floor was installed and no flooring problems have been experienced. The EPC treatments also function as a long term dustproofing material for the large amount of exposed architectural concrete surfaces.


“Enhance products have now been used on over 250,000 square feet of slabs, suspended slabs, cast-in-place walks, interior and exterior walls, conventional and acrylic stucco, and masonry applications. We are pleased with the performance of Enhance products and will continue to use them …” -- John T. Preston, School District #23, Central Okanagan (Letter on File)


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